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For all international shopping lovers, one major problem keeps hunting us down and confusing us: the sizes! Indeed, they are quite different whether you shop in the United States, in England or in France. At some point you would have to face some 6 and 8, and at some other point some 34 and 36. This can easily and quickly become a nightmare for any travelling fashionista.

So how can you possibly manage to buy this lovely top you must have, when you have to try four different sizes because you’re not very familiar with Italian sizes? Fortunately, here at Lexiophiles we could not just let you go it alone and so we have developed an actual study about the different sizes used in different areas such as Russia, China, Italy, France and Latin America.

Just take a look at these comparisons so you won’t be completely lost on your next travels to a foreign country. Shopping is tricky enough; therefore we can’t really afford the time to get confused with such a silly thing as sizes.

In these different articles you will find all the different sizes for shoes, shirts, pants (trousers in the UK), etc. for men and women. We have even put all of this information in one document, so you can have an overview of all the different systems used in different parts of the world.

Clothing sizes- final results

Clothes sizes: US vs. Russia

Clothes sizes: Us vs. China

Clothes sizes in Spain and Latin America

Clothing sizes- Us vs. Europe

Clothes sizes- Us vs. Italy

Clothes sizes- Us vs. France

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  1. I totally agree with you!

    I bought many things in New York and France. I’ ve learned ALL their sizes, very different from italian’s.

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