Day #1 Hamburg-Munich-Doha-Nairobi – Starting a prequel

Hamburg departure

Starting in Fuhlsbüttel Airport in Hamburg. Checked out my devices. I am walking blogging machine. I did some audio, video and photo and have no clue when I will have time to edit all of that. Maybe my videocast will have even months after the trip videos from all over the trip. So look out, some cool stuff will come up.

Before I left Hamburg, I visited the AIESEC office in Hamburg and had some touching good bye talks. A strange mixture of adventure sense, excitement, sadness, jealousy for my trip was in the air. I believe, boy’s are not so good in expressing feelings, so some just hang around next to me, trying to be supportive and just say over and over again “have fun”.

From Hamburg Airport I get down to Munich. For some reason all cheap flights to Africa go over Arabic countries. I answered some eMails at the gate of Munich and checked my mobile Internet, because the Airport provides only a login service for money.

A very pleasant flight with Quatar Airlines brought me to Doha in Quatar. I shot some video from there, that you can see the bright sun and supposed to be winter with 25°C in the early morning. It’s really a luxury flight, even economy class was fine for that long distance.

Another Quatar Airlines flight with a much smaller and older plane brought me to Kenya. This was more tuff style with nervous staff, babies crying all around and strange passengers always drinking at the flight, while I went just for a water. Even in the airplane the heat was up and just wore my t-shirt the whole time. In all that chaos I fall asleep just because I needed it. It’s good for you if you have that ability in a six hour flight.

Then there was Nairobi, but this is whole own story right from the airport….

Read you later!

PS: I add this sentences to this entry a few days later, because a lot of entries are now on my computer, but I had problems to upload them. No internet connection at the moment in my hosts house and not time to find a internet café. Even in the house of a friend, I could upload, so you will get this late as a big stack of entries than. So have fun to read your way through or save a few episodes, because I can’t promise, when I could upload next time. Anyway I will bring you the hole story! Or just visit my website

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