Day #12 Leaving Africa, back to Doha, 1000 ft high Interview


This episode will be short, because I am pretty tired when I write this in Doha airport…

This morning everything turned out good. I said a thousand time good bye to my hosts mother, to the cousin, the little brother and after the lovely princess read my new blog episodes Day #10 and Day #11. So read it if there are misunderstandings with my blog.

I got a new input from her, that will may help to prevent such misunderstandings. I will blog offline over my next stay and confirm all informations more, before I bring them out. Therefore the blog will be not so up to date from day to day, even if there is a internet connection. Anyway I don’t know how the connection is at the next stops. So you may get a week update or just the daily episode just once a week in a row. Therefore they may be not so unstructured. I not even had time to read through all of them, because I was just busy with writing them between my adventures. Therefore less sleep – uuuh!

Speaking of being sleepy, I sit here since about 9 hours at Doha airport and have still about seven hours to wait for my connecting flight. I spend the time here with blogging, editing, uploading, skype-calls to Germany, eMail-checking, eating free meals for people who stay longer then five hours (ha, ha). So keep your flight receipts and watch out for the Doha airport canteen. They don’t advertise it to much, but they are very friendly, when you come for the meal. The airport is pretty boring here in Doha – even the shops, but it has a cool free internet connection. So I edit my podcast from the sky after play card games and saying good by to Jamie, that will be soon arrive in London, while I am writing and listening to his songs.

Speaking of Jamie. He is the lead singer, guitarist and founder of the Magic Lanterns. He has a very nice band you can check out at his website. I give you the link under their name. I got to know him, when he and his brother checked in the lounge in Jomo Kenyatta international airport lounge in Nairobi. They were the only cool guys around, so we started a chat. He asked me a bit about the how to bring out his website better. I have a little knowledge about that and shared this. In the meantime I get interested in the musician. Coincidence, coincidence, we sat next to each outer in the airplane. I had a chat with him and when it get slightly less busy in the plane, I started a podcast about 1000 ft high in the sky, while we flew over the dune sea of Saudi Arabia. We to get ready soon, so the end of the episode was recorded in the Doha Airport. A few hours later he caught his flight to London where he has to move house tomorrow and play a gig. Yeah, rock and roll. While he fly’s west, his brother went to sleep here on the Airport and will fly east a bit earlier then me to Thailand and travel around there up north to China for about 6 month. This quite a longer travel – I am jealous. Anyway they had a good travel already done – more in the podcast. Myself will jump in a plane to the north, to Teheran. So coming from the South, randomly met and had fun with a few card games, we split up in all other directions this world overs – Travelers life.

Now I am really in the mood for some of the songs of the Magic Lantern.

Speaking of mood, it was quite a sad mood when George and me met today a last time for maybe a long time. We just hang out in his place chatted a bit about life in our Counties and promised to visit each other in Germany or Kenya, what ever, when ever. While the digged in new internet cables around his neighborhood. Maybe soon the connection will be better in Africa. Hmmm. Then I could consider to live here 🙂 In the meantime, I had to leave for the airport. Up and away, I hugged my lovely host and before her sister goodbye and then I was away… Kwaheri Kenya!

Read you later!

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