Day #17 Boat tour, Rotating Restaurant, Back to Teheran

At the breakfast I gave a report about yesterday to the host family and went alone with Mohammed again to the city. We had a long chat about various things of our cultures. I guess we became friends. We sat down in the arc of a bridge and talked about religion. Mine and his. Very serious with a lot of understanding. I liked that.

After such a serious start into the day, we decided to go to a boat tour. Just half an hour a bit chilling on the river. In winter times the river has even some dry places, but around the boat site it was good. The boats are looked like Swans and moved them like a bicycle. After we hang out a while on the river we crushed into a bunch of funny people. Three girls and two boys in a boat for four people. One girl was sitting in front and gave commands while she was making photos. Her name was Lale. She was very extroverted. She couldn’t speak english, but I got her with my romantic Farsi knowledge 🙂 The rest was translated by Mohammed. We connected our boats to each other and shipped together, while we chatted. A bit later we picked up some other boat with two nice girls and finally we connected four boats, which was a bit hard to hold. After a funny conversation and an entering maneuver with an other funny group we drove back. The guys at the boat shop was pissed. We should not connect the boats, and time was flying by. We had to pay extra, because we was on the river for more than an our. We exchanged eMails and said good by to each other.

Mohammed brought me a bit further down to a posh hotel. We went up to the eleventh floor, where there is a rotating restaurant. We sat down and a very posh meal for an affordable price. Just behind us sat some important rich man from Iran, Mohammed mentioned. It was really nice to sit down here and see the scenery of the city and the mountains pass by.

I finish this episode later… I feel very ill at the moment 🙁

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