City limits of Nairobi
I got up after lunchtime, still a bit drunken, but happy.

After a bit sport and a shower, I felt like a human again. Now I was in a big empty house. Breakfast was already prepared, while wonderful host was away for her lecture, her brother in school, the cousin as well, the parents away… and wait, there was another drunken sister upstairs. I knocked at the door do find a companion for my breakfast at 13:35h. “Are you already awake?” “Aaaahhoohaaa. Yeees.” Came a zombie voice from inside. No bad hair day with dreadlocks. The girl was ready in a view seconds. I had to smile, while she looked so already awaken from the dead, waring an all white sleeping suite with a read out “I am Irish – Kiss me!”, while I was all dressed in my black in my Sportswear form Ninjutsu training. We looked like a chess board, while standing next to each other.

After proclaiming at the breakfast never to drink again, I looked a bit around the house to write my first proper blog from here. Wairimu arrived and looked pretty fine for a girl with no sleep and a morning lecture. She took me out for some fast food, while her sister tried to get back to life under a shower.

We went to the city to buy some stuff in a nearby little mall and went to a quite different local fast food shop to buy some stuff to bring home. I was just funny to see. Maybe the place was most comparable to a German Doner Kebab shop (in German = Döner, we love Turkish fast food). By the way, the had a way different Kebab there, which I will try some day. So this episode ends up in a food corner from all around the world, so I just fast forward a bit to tell you what we had that afternoon for a late lunch or early dinner: Chicken and Chips. Not to strange for the beginning, but I had Spaghetti Bolognese Italian style the first day. The difference of the chicken was just, that they give you portions in quarters of an animal, which the cut in little snack pieces in front of you. In Germany you usually got only half or complete chicken from a grill. Not to spice for my taste and less crusty skin for my taste, but good. The chips (= British for French fries, or you may know it as Freedom fries form the yesterday gone Bush era, and by the way “Pommes Frites” in German, or just “Pommes”) are British style. The even love Fish and Chips here. I felt like in my Sheffield internship. British means soft big chips. The Kenya style came with a special spicy flavored kind of chips, which is mild in my taste. Also a not to hot salsa like homemade souse, which is more fruity sweet then hot. Yeah, nice. But I look out more for stuff like Crocodile meat from a nearby farm 🙂

Back in time, right after we bought the food:

We drove around some more posh areas to find out how the upper class is living. I did also some video, which I for sure will get out a bit later, after editing it a bit. So maybe this loads of material will come out even weeks and month after I got back home. Problem with this area is, that they really get out of sight. It was not that big trouble to enter this gated community with private police patrols in the streets, as long as you drive a big car and carry a white face. But behind the gate we drove through streets with poor people seem to live at the sideways of the street and in front of big walls and hedges. Behind there you saw most likely just the roofs of the houses, but you could see, they was even bigger than the places I live in. The way most posh buildings have so much “garden” or better forest around them and so big gates and hedges, that you can’t tell what or if there is a building hidden on this land. Anyway, I will have access to the local Country Club with my little princess and have a look to their faces then.

We stopped our little tour, when it was time to pick up her little brother. We also did the day before, but I didn’t mention it, because of all the other stuff. He went there to a very posh private boys school, which is run by the Turkish embassy. I never thought of a Turkish community in Kenya at all, but her brother is even learning Turkish in this school. There is a separated girls school on the other side of town, but Sera didn’t went to this school. While we waited for her brother she told me about the influence of the Turkish people here. Kenya is on the East coast which has a strong influence from the arabic world. While North Africa’s colonies became native arabic world, the old Slave countries from the east coast of Africa are still influence by the arabic world. Even Suaheli, a widely spoken language from the east coast of Africa, is a mix of the Arab language and native African languages. The Osmanic reich, which shrink to the borders of Turkey after they lost the big battle in Vienna, spread out even down to Kenya. So also a lot of Sunit Muslim in this country. Wairimu was not sure, but something about 30%. You just not see it to much, because the African people are no so strict and fanatic about their religion, and women often wear nothing special, even if they are Muslim. The Sunit part of the Muslim religion is the wast majority of this religion, which is generally pretty calm with their religion like Christians are in Germany. You can see even more beautiful mosques in Kenya, than in Germany. I put this on my list, to visit a mosque here.

After the meal back home we had a nice chat about the languages here, and I learned some first words and phrases to get along. Now I have a good use for my Notes booklet, I got a s a present on my farewell party. The language lessen was mixed like the languages here. Beside English and Suaheli, they speak here Sheng, which you can’t learn from a book. It’s a kind of street language, which is very lively and changes its words and particles every few month. So my Sheng will be out of date, when I ever come back. Maybe even after I finished my trip in a good two month. For sure all this ends up in some more dirty words and phrases you can’t learn from a book anyway, and are maybe useful at a drinking night out in a bar or club 🙂 For sure, the best way to learn a language is with a native or even better in the country. So go out to the countries you love to learn the language. Because I can’t focus on that wired trip, I have to write down the words to learn it, just plain learn it. I asked ten times for the words for “thank you” (= asante sana, by the way). Since I wrote it down and read it a few times, I just can remember it. Sasa from the Headline means “Hello”. The rest of the word from the Headline, are too dirty mens talk to translate it here. So go to Kenya or ask Kenyan guy.

Night out was a not a too hard party. We went out to a very cool Restaurant and Disco, that easily can match with every German one. A big sized one, like we used to have for Techno and stuff in the outskirts of our cities or at the countryside in a very nice style. But it was a plain dead place. Beer pretend to be expansive, with a Tusker for 190 Schilling, but a Martini for just 110 Schilling! Boy, thats in a bar in Hamburg more like five to six Euro! Don’t know why I didn’t had one. Maybe because there was no party mood. George from the last night meet us there and excused the rest of the people for being finished even now. So we hang out at one of the bars and complained, about the not so Rock music. I got a little chance to have a look to the news and TV programs around here, because they had flat screens with different channels all over the place. A lot of US series and even the Ophra talkshow, we don’t have in Germany. The news channels brought specials with the Obama election day. Maybe it’s not true, that African people don’t like Rock and just Whitey’s do, because my little Rock Princess is the prof. She was also a bit puzzled, but guessed that the people just celebrated to long the new US president. Wairimu herself was a bit more calm about her emotions and think about politics more neutral. She’s a sociologist like me, and likes to stay with facts and results. We will see, but the Hope is there with the people all over Nairobi, thats for sure, and I believe, this is just a reaction to the light dark skin of that president. We will see if he can use it for good.

Just a little note for the alcohol corner of the blog: Smirnoff is over here pretty fancy and expensive. In Germany it’s since a few years not any longer so fancy to have a Smirnoff Ice.

Just in the moment we got our bill and was on the way to leave the party, the DJ, decided to play my favorite songs. So I went to the dance floor and shake out my energy a bit. There was nearly nobody dancing, and the few obviously didn’t know how to dance to Rock music like Linkin Park, Rasmus, System of the down, Puddle of mud etc. It was a bit like the DJ played songs with lines from my heart, covering my mood of being just now and here and enjoying myself. So I freaked a bit on stage and was for sure the “crazy white guy” when I left. I think a lot of people who ever saw my dancing a night, could imagine. So I was sweeting all over when we left for the cars. We even had to open the window a bit on our way back, because I made the front window misty with the heat from my body. But just a bit lowered window, because of the dangerous corners, where cars often get hijacked… back to reality.

Read you later!

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