Down town Nairobi
Back by four and wake up before the clock at 8:24 a.m.. ??? I was still drunken when I woke up. So I get back to sleep. Just a 90 min later I woke up again, having a nightmare. Usually I dream very well even here. But the bright sunshine brought back my good mood. After a breakfast/lunch I had a wonderful conversation with Wanja, my beautiful hosts sister. She was so kind to fry me a proper breakfast. I just wanted to ask her a few phrases in Suaheli, but it ended up in a two hour conversation about everything in Germany and Kenya. I started taking notes form all I learned in Africa in a little book, I carry around.

After a while Wairimu appeared. She had much more drinks than me last night and I am nearly double her weight! She teared Wanja an me apart, to take me out to a friends house. He’s called George as well – coincidence, coincidence.o we went down to Nairobi more close to the city center in a middle class area, with a lot of Indian houses, which are pretty close to the German standard, according to the look outside. Also a lot of a bit lower class flat where also around the streets. George lives in one of them. A bit cheaper than mine, also a bit less fine than mine. But with a nice living room, where we came together like a big family. A friend of George brought also her child along and we had a nice chat, while I tried to upload my website, but for some reason had trouble. Internet in Africa is slow and rare, even in the better houses. Also they have a lot prepaid contracts, where you pay for each MByte you load, instead of flat-rates, like in Germany.

I also was able to watch a bit TV. News look a bit like NTV in Germany (there is a big station her in Kenya also called NTV, but not only for news – its National TV) or CNN. There are also a lot of Hip Hop Videos in the TV and series from America like in Germany.

We relaxed a bit and had a chilled day. George prepared us a very big bowl with chips and chicken. We washed our hands and just eat all from this one bowl which was fun. I really eat to much, but it was finger-licking good.

I had also a walk through the neighborhood with George. I was the only white guy around, so I got a lot attention. We compared a bit life in Germany and Kenya and he showed me a regular mall and market around. A bit later we came back in the evening to sit in front of one of this bars with a chilled beer and chatted a bit, like all the other people do around this place. It was really niche with barbeque on the streets – and fellas, no problems with the food at all; it’s nice, tasty and you won’t get ill from it or something.
George told my about his plans going to China. He already studies chinese. I also is looking for a internship in Europe, so I at least invited him to come around my place. Cool guy. It seems we are two of a kind.
The area around this place is quite different, and the streets are awfully bad. The sidewalks are nearly not existing. But this is also true in the very posh areas. You will see in upcoming videos.

It was a very interesting experience for the little girl I met in George’s place, because she hardly ever saw a white guy like me before, so she was pretty puzzled about everything on me, my face, may skin, my lips, my nose, etc.

After that chilled day, which was a good rest, we went home to wait for Wairimus and Wanjas parents. They arrived a bit earlier and brought the “father” – their priest along. The three of them visited the oldest brother of Wairimus and Wanja in the USA. The priest spoke a bit German because he studied and worked in Europe a while. Their parents included me in their prayers that evening. I don’t knew that kind of praying from back home, even if my family is catholic as well. It was touching.

So not much drinking today, and not much party. But I had that evening again wonderful food, prepared by Wanja: Chick stew with nearly hole chickens with all the bones and stuff. A side dish of potatoes and pumpkins, which is a bit reminding me of German potatoes, but we rarely use pumpkins at all and some African bread and cabbage aside. Delicious!

You may notice, that I am not so passionate in writing today, because I am a bit sleepy, but I will give you a bit of language, like Survival phrases in Suaheli, I try to learn and use at the moment.

So just give you a short overview. They speak a lot of languages here in Kenya. Official languages are English, because this was a former British colony. Also Suaheli is official language and the news on all the stations are at 7 p.m. in Suaheli and at 9 p.m. in English. Suaheli is widely spoken along the east coast of Africa, because this is a mix out of Arab and African languages. This came back than from the Arab colonizations in the middle ages. Beside that the people speak there tribe languages like Kikuyu most likely in Kenya, but also some other languages. Beside that they speak Sheng. Sheng is the Sheng word for Slang 🙂 This is a very alive street language, which is different in each African country. Also the words in Sheng I give you now may be not used any longer in half a years time or maybe even less.

So, survival phrases in proper Suaheli now:
Hello – Jambo
Good bye – Kwaheri
Thank you (very much) – Asante (sana)
How are you? – Habari yako?
O.k. – Soso (or Sawa Sawa)
It’s o.k. – Nisawa
I am fine – Nikosawa
Sorry (a lot) – Pole (sana)
Pardon me (or excuse me) – Samahani
Yes – ndio
Yes (formal) – eh
No – La (or Hapana)
Cheers – Maisha Marefu (literally “long life”, it’s not a African thing to say something while drinking)
Ugali = most common food here, made of corn flour
Matumbo = hmmmm. Cow stomach

Then some survival phrases in Sheng to sound cool:
Hello – Sasa
Yes – Powa
No – Zi
What’s up? – Niaje?
Your lovely – Una pendeze
You smell so lovely – Una nukia
You stink – Una nuka (so be careful to pronounce the “i” properly 🙂 )
She’s hot – Ameiwa (literally “ripe fruit”)
You are hot – Umeiwa
Refering about the backside of a women is – mahaga

So from now on I spare out the more fun stuff, but you can imagine what’s in my vocabulary. Have fun learning languages from all over the world. Beside. My experience is, a single good line in the language of the women you go for is really helpful, if you like to get to know her 🙂

Read you later!

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