City market Nairobi
Writing down all this took me always a while. Maybe I will put in less photos, because I got not much sleep at the moment, but there is each day so a lot of things happening…

Get up early again. Like a good German, I am again the first in the kitchen, cleaning up and prepare, while the girls came a bit later. This days list is: Explore the city with Wanja. Meet the AIESEC people with Wairimu and go to a overnight event and a Safari. But actually in Africa some plans turn out different…
Wanja showed me around the city, which is, like she told me, the nice part of it. I saw a lot of general tourist stuff. In general my impression is, that this city is quite modern and even the streets are fine here in the inner city. They have lot of skyscraper in the city. Much more, than in the most German cities. Also a lot of nice old buildings from the colonial time. So I will give you just a view on some landmarks, like the town hall, the parliament, the high court and the national monument, which is the tomb of the first president of Kenya. Bye the way, it’s not allowed to take pictures from it. The should have told me earlier 🙂
town hall NairobiKneya parliamentNational monument Kenya - Tomb of President KenyattaNational Court of Kenya
A quite interesting experience was the biggest mosque in Kenya. It was my first visit to a mosque – and also for my tour guide Wanja. The guy at the entrance was really kind to us. He offered us a guided tour – including the allowance for Wanja to visit the mans praying area, which is forbidden for Muslim women. Also I was allowed to take pictures, which is usually forbidden in christian churches. So I was glad to get this tour. They really have five to seven prayers a day and up to 15,000 Muslim pray in this mosque in the Ramadan time! Wow! The main building is quite small but beautiful. The extension is just hugh. It includes Seminar and lecture halls. Offices and library, free to visit for everyone with more than just religious books.

The market was quite different from what I am used to in Europe. It was just extremely colourfull and a lot of busy traders try to make a business with you. Especially if your white and looking like a tourist with a camera in your hand shooting photos and videos, it can get a bit annoying. Actually I felt after a while pretty uncomfortable the first time in Kenya. I found out that flags are truly more expansive than in Germany – which was the only thing that I really would like to take along from Kenya. For sure he tried to get out a lot of money from me, but I was told by my lovely host, that they can’t sell a flag under 1,500 Schilling. Cheapest in Germany is 295 Schilling and most expansive in tourist stores is 1,000 Schilling. Thank you, but no thanks.he “zi” phrase was quite helpful. I also met in front of the market the first beggars. Skinny women with babies and little children. The proper phrase is hard to say “zi”. You won’t get happy if you give money. Anyway I was here first time a bit nervous about my stuff, even when I don’t took along much more than a bit money and a camera. So I recommend to you, not to take a camera along and look to much like a tourist, say “zi” often and be prepared to trade instead of pay the first given price. My lovely hosts won’t let me go without a gift, so Wairimu bought me there a African mask, small enough to but it in my rucksack. Wanja gave me a funny Kenyan shirt.
I relaxed from the market experience in the very first Jawa coffee house in Kenya. Jawa has the best coffee in Kenya and is kind of Starbucks here. By the way, the sizes are much bigger than in Germany. You than don’t need a “double coffee” or like in Germany a middle size. A “single” is just enough.

Next stop was AIESEC office Nairobi. First time I saw the university at daylight. It has a lot of nice sides and not so much different lecture halls, but the toilets there are not recommendable, if there are some not “out of order”. Then I had my second bad experience that day.The third time I tried to get into the internet, but it was just f****** slow. Internet is like breathing for me. So I really felt like someone cut off my arms. I really liked Africa so far, but without a good internet connection it’s not my place to life. It seems in general internet phones are a good idea here. So just be prepared to have a mobile internet contract that is not to expansive to use abroad. In Africa you won’t get flat rates. So no update today, and not much mail done.

The girls took me along with a cool other Mercedes. German cars are famous here all over the place. I didn’t new that! I shoot some videos in the city, which will come up and will be at least interesting for Europeans to see. Like the behavior of pedestrians an cars on the streets. Or how they take care about traffic lights and signs. They mainly don’t care, even the police. As long as everything is running.

We stopped by at the flat of the upcoming president of the Nairobi AIESEC office. She’s a student like me, but she has a maid, which is not so uncommon here. A housemaid from the slums is about a 20 to 30 Euros a month. For me it feels just strange, but labour is really cheap over here. We picked up a big box of Heinecken beer on the road to her place and chilled on the balcony while waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive, before we went for our Safari and a party first.

That was the time I experienced a new thing about African attitude. I was told that the clocks in Africa are more slow under the hot sun, than in cold Europe, and I am not patient at all. We waited for the crew all afternoon until it was dark night. The only one that showed up was a German intern about two hours late and about four ours late a Kenyan friend of Nairobis AIESEC President. She was calling them all the time, but it doesn’t helped. She didn’t showed any anger about it, like she is used to it, but I had in the meanwhile just a beer to much.

This day I had barely eaten anything, and in the last days I had drunk down more alcohol than in the last three or four month in Germany… may be more. When we finally decided to have some food without them, I really went for it. What I didn’t took care about with my empty stomach and a drunken head, was that I am a bit sensitive about spinach if it is not fresh. This one I guess was from yesterday and heat up again, so with my second big portion I registered a tickling in my fingers and toes and my throat became so small, that I barely could breath. Washed my face used about a hundred tissues to take care about all the fluids came out of my eyes, nose and mouth. Hardly I could breath and decided to try to sleep, that my body could take better care about it. It worked well, like all times with my wonderful surviving machine, but I was pretty dizzy, when the crew finally arrived at about ONE O’CLOCK! They immediately was then in a hurry to go to the party, while I decided to stay and sleep a bit longer. After the small rest came back that morning, it seemed I missed a cool pool party. I never had one 🙁 But therefore I am still alive to go to more parties and hopefully this Safari “tomorrow” or better later – if someone shows up before the close down the Savannah….

Read you later!

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