Day #8 Learn from the worst

My lovely hosts mother took me to her company today. It is an insurance company close to the city center. Actually the palace is about 25 km away from the inner city. It is a wide spread area. There are not so much big cities in Kenya. Most important are Nairobi and Mombassa at the coast, which is a extreme hot place, but I was told I should visit it once, because the girls there are amaiwa and umebeba. Back to the company, my mothers host are a department leader of this company. Her husband works in a bank, but he has some private business with an office for his own in the same house than the insurance company. I could use this one and yeah! A wonderful working landline internet connection! Great! The hours flew by and I surfed and answered eMails and updated my website and, and, and. I could have sat there for the hole day. It was really good to be reconnected to the world. Again, internet phones are a good idea in this country of all that unstable internet accesses. My little princess seems to be all day long somewhere online in facebook or somewhere.

Back home I fall asleep while searching for my next flight connection. So learn this. always print out your flight plan, or write them all properly down in a single list, if you have as much as I did. I forgot to write down the leaving time. So its nice to know for the people that pick me up, when my plane is arriving, but if I am not in it, than there is not much to pick up. I also forgot to write down the flight number. So don’t be as lazy as I am.

Just to mention it again, the house of my hosts is big and empty, but this is because it is new and still furniture will be bought. The lot of bathrooms all over the house are in use, because they have on one hand often visits from other people for a dinner and also the grandparents will also move in soon. At the moment I have the rooms they will use then. Also they soon will have maiden again. I told you that this is very common here. In this case the maid have her own flat in the house with her own bathroom and entrance. At the moment this is just unused.

In the meanwhile I had laundry day. I hang everything outside on a line in the bright sun. I nearly forgot to bring it in, but when I did, I saw a flash that night. Ten seconds later a thunder. Then wind came up. So a storm from nowhere in ten km distance. I put in everything in a hurry and when I get back to pick up the rest, the first raindrops came down. My first laundry day in the dry season, where it not supposed to be rainy, and it rained the hole night. Not to bad for the dry land. Next morning still a few drops came down in the bright sunshine, the ground sucked up nearly each drop of water and before noon everything was as dry as the days before, but the trees and grass looked even more fresh and shine green.

We spent the evening with watching photos from the Travels of the family to Tanzania and Zansibar. And had a look to the visit of the family in South Africa, where Wanja got her bachelor degree. At the moment she is looking for a job. I also listen a lot of local music and saw a lot of African and Kenyan music. Music is here all over the TV all day. It is essential. Most likely R&B, Reggae, Rap, Dub and some Gospel. Speaking of Gospel, religion is strong here. My hosts family is very religious in comparison to German people. We pray before the meal and at night times before we go to sleep. But even if my family is catholic, it is a different kind of praying. Next to the regular lines of the pray, the ad a lot of personal things to it, even including me and my travel in it. Never had such nice wishes for me in a prayer. For some reason this kind of believe makes just more sense then the Europe version. It is a interrupt in the daily routine, that changes the mood, make the people contemplate a bit and calm. I have to say, I like it, even if I am not religious in that way, but Agnostic. Maybe thats the reason, why I can get something out of this between all the lines of the learned prayers.

A travel is not only leaving something and find out something new. It is also a travel to your self. Therefore I started it. I not only like to see new things and visit friend, I didn’t saw a long time, I also like to think a bit about myself, far away from all the normal things, that keep me busy with unimportant daily live, to make sure all things will stay the same. Hopefully, I come back as a different, better person. Therefore I also suggest you to go abroad – and I don’t mean a holiday in a Robinson Club with a guided tour around the regular tourist sites.

Read you tomorrow with more adventures!

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