Day #9 Safari, kissing Daisy & petting big cats

kissing Daisy

Today everybody is driving its way, so we ran out of cars in the palace. The little princess and me walked therefor first time through the neighborhood down to the next big street. The streets had no tar on it around her place, but the ground sucked nearly all water in, and so it was not much of a muddy place. Rainy season in our summer time is therefore pretty ugly, I was told. Still there was some moist in the air this morning, but this vanished even before ten a.m..

Down the street outside of Nairobi we just stand in the middle of nowhere waiting for the next Matatu. This is how it works. You just walk down a more busy street or plain wait on a spot or bus station until a Matatu Taxi drive by and wave. You can’t be sure when the next one comes your direction so far outside Nairobi, but for some reason it works much better then waiting for a bus. After about a quarter hour a Matatu came our way. This time it was more like a real Matatu ride, therefore I was not able to shoot a video. Why? I told you, that there are about 15 seats in a Matatu, including the driver and the door keeper with the cash in his hand. This time it was up to 21 persons in this van. Just to remind you, this is not a big van. The same sized vans in Germany would be small and not allowed to have more then eight seats! They just installed a few more afterwards. Five rows of three seats, but most of the time you see four persons in a row or even five. The door keeper let everybody in and usually there is someone jumping in, when someone is leaving the car. The door keeper sometimes couldn’t properly close the door. Sometimes I saw them standing half outside the car, but usually not, because the speed of this not very safe vans are extremely high. At a market a women jumped in, with two extreme large bags. So we squeezed with four people in three seats, with her bags on our laps. Quite a ride.

We jumped of a mall to get some things and I bought my first post cards for back home… hmmm. I still have to fill them out, before I leave. The interesting thing is this extreme difference in the places so close by. We went out a big house like a palace, walked down a muddy road with houses made of wood and plastic, pass by other big houses behind big walls, a shiny mosque, drive in a dirty Matatu on an awful road in the middle of an jungle, then suddenly standing on a dirty clearing with a brand new shiny mall with a garden around and all this british people around, sitting in a Dormans for a coffee or tea, with a meat pie. Yeah, a lot of british food around here, I am used to, from my days in Sheffield, but nothing I like to go for, I hope to loose a bit weight.

A friend picked us up there and we went to the Giraffe center. This is a nice place with endangered Giraffes – the Rothschild Giraffe. This is a kind of Giraffe that only exists in a small area in Kenya and they are nearly vanished. Therefore the have this nice little park here, which is financed by the Tourists having fund with Daisy. Oooh Daisy, my new love. I had to kiss her 🙂 Daisy is the grandmother of the other Giraffes here. But she is still sweet 18 years old. Usually in wildlife they die at the age of 10-15 years, and half of all young Giraffe where killed before they had a chance to kiss a German. Daisy had quite a quick, long and thick tongue – uh, Baby! But she is like all women… “no food, no friendship”. Replace just the food with money 🙂 It was just fun. The ranger showed us how to do it to have some nice pictures with this hungry Giraffe. We placed food in hands, or between our lips and Daisy liked it out in a very demanding way. He also through some pieces of food in her mouth, which looked funny on the pictures. To give you the complete knowledge of my short lecture at the park, the Massai Giraffe is the bigest and tallest and can go up to six meters and nearly 1.3 tones. The blood pressure is three time as high as the human ones to pump up the blood from the feet to the head. Therefore a Giraffe could kill herself if she puts down her head for more than about two minutes. Imagine. She just is thirsty and is killed by her own blood pressure while drinking! The heart that gives that pressure weight twelve kilo by itself!

Just a short notice at the end: Bring your international students card along and save a lot of money for the entrance fee. A foreigner pays usually more. In that case it is the difference between Sh700

and Sh250. By the way the Kenya Sheng word for Schilling is Bob. It is like Quid in English or Buck in American language.

After the fun with the Giraffes, we went for the wildlife park to see more animals. On my way in, I found out what for the European Union spends it’s money. This one was a good spending. The wildlife park is in a really nice condition and reminds me a bit on German wildlife parks or big Zoos. No proper Safari in a national park, but this was just to expansive for me. Anyway, the entrance fee was Sh1,600 for me. But I it was nice and a good spending. We got a tour from a student working in this park on his thesis. He showed us around and explained the animals and their behavior. Most of the things I remembered from my childhood, when I read a lot of books about these animals. For some reason I never thought about coming to Africa to see them by myself. Now I try to get them on camera. But even if it had rained the last night the animals was still lazy sitting in the sun and saving energy. Therefore I have barely a cool photo of the animals. It’s hard to get a photo of a lion in action, if he is used to sleep 20 hours a day. What a life! Therefore not to much fun with all his wife’s around. It’s just a few days in the year when they are busy, and then it is a one minute show. So, just to mention it for the female readers: That’s it what life is – the cool looking guy’s are not so impressive one on one. By the way, pigs have the most fun of all creatures – about half an our later, they still sense the enjoyment. I hope I will be reborn as a pig.

Back to wildlife. I got a chance to see a leopard as close as it can be, with just a wire fence between us. He was the only one, that was not so chilled. The close look was only possible, because we tipped our tour guide, which took us to a area next to the cage.

There was a very nice walkway in the trees, where you could have a look down to the cages, but the animals hide out good, and I have not a lot of good pictures. It felt a bit like walking in Ewok-village. At least we came a cross the Cheeta cage. Again a tip gave us a nice opportunity to walk in the cage and pet a Cheeta. She was raised in the nature park and therefore used to humans. Usually she doesn’t byte 🙂

Let’s call it a day. We went home taking a long the two Pizzas for one price. This was Sh370 or €3.70 – food is cheap here. Chill out, chat and good night.

Read you later!

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