Different Nations, Different Beliefs

Have you ever wondered what kind of things people from different cultures believe in? Do you know if they have the same superstitions as people in your native country? Each country in the world has its own unique set of beliefs and values. Obviously there are overlaps between these beliefs, but no two countries believe in exactly the same things. Different cultures have opposing opinions when it comes to horoscopes and fortune telling.

Poland is a Religious country but that doesn’t mean that the people there ignore all ancient pagan traditions, “Do you believe?”, gives more insight into the matter. There is a strong, age-old belief in fate or predestination in China, as explained in the article, is fortune determined? Predicting the future is quite a lucrative profession in India; find out more in the article, “The future is no mystery”.

In Latin America the limits between superstition and Religion are not very clear, as is outlined in this great article, “Holy Toast!”. “Tasseography… it’s written in the tea leaves” takes a look at the popularity of reading tea leaves in England. Most people view it as fun but inaccurate.

Want to know more about beliefs and superstitions? Then read the full articles!

Do you Believe?

Is fortune determined?

The future is no mystery

Holy Toast!

Tasseography…it’s written in the tea leaves

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