Don’t you Just Love Idioms?

Don’t you just love idioms? They generally make no sense whatsoever, particularly in a foreign language. Anyone learning English, for example, would be particularly stumped by ‘It’s raining Cats and Dogs’ – I mean, what have cats and dogs got to do with rain?!

To make your lives easier and to give you a little educational entertainment here at Lexiophiles we’ve written articles on idioms from our own countries. We have idioms from India to Korea and Russia to Spain and places in between. What you will notice is there are often themes, such as the weather, and also idioms that have the same meaning many of the countries, though of course they are worded differently. Take ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ for instance, but then again, who does like going to the doctor?!

Unsurprisingly many of the idioms we have come up with feature the weather. In Russia, the unbearably cold winter has led to the expression ‘to be frozen as a puppy,’ in Korea the scorching hot weather makes them feel like they are in a rice cooker. And then there are the rainy idioms. No-one likes the rain, hence the amount of rain related idioms, but it seems the Indians actually do like the rain. The monsoon season over there gets them in the mood for love….

Want to find out more about idioms across the globe? Well carry on reading. Just don’t take them literally, or you will be really confused!

Weather idioms

Whatever the weather

Idiomatic Korean Expressions related to weather

A rainy day

Spanish idioms

Chinese idioms

Polish idioms

Turkish idioms

French idioms

Weird idioms

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