Fancy a Cup of Coffee?

How do you like your hot drinks? Are you rather keen on a nice cup of tea, or would you prefer a strong black espresso? Perhaps you would prefer a nice Italian cappuccino? It takes all sorts to make a world!

Coffee is certainly a drink that is loved all around the world. Whether you like it black, with cream or milk, with sugar or not, coffee is like one the favourite drinks of people from all corners of the world, especially thanks to the social aspects of coffee drinking. However, as good as coffee might be, some people just don’t like its taste and prefer to enjoy a nice cup of tea.

So what exactly are the drinking habits in each different country? We all know that Colombian coffee is excellent, but what about the rest? Is it true that the British love their cup of tea at 5 o’clock, or that the Italians only drink cappuccino and at any time of the day? What about other countries, do they have their own habits?

Well, you can find out more about tea and coffee and the way people drink it in different countries thanks to the following articles!

If it’s good coffee, it’s Colombian coffee

Russian tea – a way to the endless harmony

Do you want to have a coffee with me?

Coffee Drinking Habits in Turkey

Italian Coffee Habits

Tea Time

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