Food, Glorious Food

Food – we all need it to survive, but that doesn’t mean that we all eat the same things! So how much do you know about international food? What is appetising to people from one culture may seem inedible to someone from another. That’s why we have a series of article for you about food, so you can know what local delights to eat when you go abroad, rather than just sticking to what you’re used to.

Breakfast, Brunch and Brinner, gives an overview of food throughout the world. Russian Cuisine, talks about the most popular dishes in Russia – yummy! So you think that rice and beans is all people eat in Brazil – wrong! Way beyond the Rice and Beans sets the record straight.

A day in Umbria, looks at the delicious food which is common in Umbria in Italy. Ever wondered why the Japanese have a long life expectancy? This article explains all –  it’s because of their super healthy diet. A (Romanian) meal without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze, talks about the prevalence of cheese in the Romanian diet.

Want to know more? Then look at the full articles below:

Russian Cuisine

A day in Umbria

Why Japanese have a long life expectancy

Way beyond the rice and beans

A (Romanian) meal without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze

Breakfast, Brunch and Brinner?

Kanpai! Cheers!

Sweet Brazil (Part 1)

Sweet Brazil (Part 2)

A Typical Dutch Breakfast

Santé! The Tradition of Apéritif in France

The Mysterious Case of the Butter Cake

Cooked and Eaten, the Italian 2010 bestseller

Today is feijoada’s day!

Happy hour, the evening ritual

Won’t you have some more?

(Alternative) lunch is served: Happy Easter to you all!

Land of olive trees

Made in Italy?! Italian food’s perception abroad

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