As they say, you can laugh about anything… but not with everyone. Humor is a very subjective concept, and what might be funny for some might be considered outrageous by others. And of course, in a country several of the jokes often make fun of other cultures. Who, for instance, does not love to make fun of the French? The British certainly do.

One of the most (in)famous type of humor is of course the British one, which is well-known all over the world, even though most of us have trouble getting it. British irony is just priceless! So what about American humor – is it similar? Well, they may speak the same language, but the British and the Americans just don’t share the same values when it comes to laughing. Humor is just not transferrable from one country to another.

And what exactly is considered funny in Russia, or in Poland? The type of jokes may vary a lot according to the country you are in. Humor is actually a very deep cultural aspect of a country, and you might want to get prepared for what you might expect during your next visit to a foreign country.

Thanks to our Lexiophiles writers, we can have an idea of what humor is like in their own countries, what is funny, what is popular, and what the inhabitants just love to make fun of. This is a great cultural aspect you need to be aware of!

English Humour vs. American humor- Is there a difference?

Turkish humor

Spanish humor

Polish humor

Russian humor

Don’t mention the war!

April fish!

Comics vs. Bandes Dessinées

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