Introducing a traveler

Hello world, I am away.

But first, who am I? I am Georg from Germany. Yeah, in Germany we don’t write a ‘e’ at the end of George. Last year I set myself a goal to go on a trip to Japan, a country I admire and a language I learn. In the last three years I make friends all around Asia and a few in Africa. Everyone invited me to come for a stay in his/her place, and I said ‘yeah, I will visit you’ each time.

Now I make it true and I will do a world travel, from Africa through Asia to Japan and back to Germany. This travel will include Kenya, Iran, India, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan and Russia. So there will be a lot of things coming up on this trip and you might like my adventures, I will share here with you. Also I will give you some helpful tips about planing such a big trip, if you like to travel to other countries as well. Last but not least, I will tell you all the things I forgot, done wrong, and you shouldn’t do on such a trip.

If you like to see more pictures, videos, blog entries and listen to my podcast, you can go over to my website:

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