License Plates

License Plates (number plates in British English) are instantly recognizable as being from one country or another. You can always tell you are in a foreign country just by looking at the license plates on cars. Likewise, if you see a car from you own country while on holiday you immediately know you are not the only ones holidaying there. Sometimes this can happen in far flung corners of the universe where you would never expect to see a car from your native country. Normally you would think – they drove here, really – are they mad?! Like languages and accents, all license plates in countries around the world are different. They are different colors, shapes and sizes and use all different types of lettering and numbers. In fact, license plates from different countries around the world are so different, some people even collect them! For license plate fanatics there are also games that you can play when on the road – spot the different plates, how many cars are from each state and so on. A good way to keep kids occupied on long journeys too!

There are lots of weird and wonderful license plates from different corners of the world out there. From the Americans with their personalized license plates, the simple and straightforward Japanese plates to the colorful South American plates, find out all you’ve ever wanted to know about License plates with Lexiophiles!

Latinos´ license plates

License plates in Japan

The Secret behind the number plates in China

Swedish Number Plates

License Plates and games

Number Plates – Unnecessarily Complicated in Germany?

French & Belgian plates

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