Practice your Pronunciation!

It is common knowledge that languages are tricky to learn. Moreover, it is not always easy to get the accent and pronunciation right when you’re studying a foreign language. Want to practice? There is a very fun way to do it, and it’s called tongue twisters. You can find a few in any language, and some of them are just impossible to get right, even for some native speakers!

Indeed, the purpose of these terrible tongue twisters is to make you articulate a very difficult sentence properly, including sounds that are kind of tricky. It is said that one of the hardest tongue twisters in English would be “The sixth sick sheikh’s sixth sheep’s sick.” We all agree that pronouncing this sentence is undoubtedly a nightmare. Generally, tongue twisters just gather similar sounds that when put together represent a great challenge. They use combinations of alliteration and rhyme, and include a few sequences of sounds.

So, are you ready to practice your pronunciation skills in different languages? Fortunately, our writers here at Lexiophiles have collected some of their favourite tongue twisters in their native languages, so that you can try (most of the time, you can only try…) to say these tricky sentences out loud. This is one of the fun parts of the whole language learning process!

Say It Fast: she sells sea shells by the sea shore

Turkish Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters in Spanish

French tongue twisters

Chinese tongue twisters

The Mother of All Tongue Twisters

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