Signs exist in every country. Their function is to provide important information. Therefore not understanding the language in which they are written can lead to problems! We have a collection of articles on traffic signs and other kinds of signs which you may encounter while abroad.

Traffic Signs discusses road signs in different countries. In general, there are two types of signs: the European system and the American system. In Latin America the second system is widely used, however, the signs vary from country to country. In Colombia, the signs are classified in three kinds: Warning signs, Mandatory signs and Information signs.

France-German: bilingual road signs examines bilingualism in road signage. Germany-or how to treat a sign nicely takes a funny look at road signs in Germany and challenges some stereotypes in the process!
Signs and notation conventions gives translations of common signs in Russian. It can help you open a door in the right direction and save some embarrassment!

If you want to take a more in depth look at foreign signs, why not check out the links below:

Signs and notation Conventions

Traffic signs

France-Belgium: bilingual road signs

Germany- or how to treat a road sign nicely

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