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Sport is popular throughout the world. However, people from different countries are often interested in different sports. Soccer is very popular in Italy and Brazil, as outlined in the articles Brazil: Passionate about soccer, Italian soccer supporters and The King of Football.

American Football is hugely popular in the States. Superbowl Sunday for Dummies is the perfect guide for those of us who don’t know much about the rituals associated with the sport. Nowadays, sportsmen are also celebrities! On Sports and Morals, takes a look at German sports stars. In contrast, A short tale of Polish sports (mis)adventures, examines the reasons why there aren’t many international Polish sports stars.

Who would have thought that it was possible to play a sport while drinking beer?! Have a look at a very Special Sport to find out more about this Colombian game! Although soccer is very popular in France, the Extreme sports in France and Belgium article examine something a little more unusual.

Of course no article about sport would be complete without mentioning the Olympic Games. Olympic Games 2016 Rio de Janeiro, discusses Brazilian people’s excitement about hosting the games.

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