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Have you ever felt completely lost when in a foreign country whose culture and language are not very familiar to you? You don’t know how to act towards the natives or at a dinner party, or even worse you have no notions of the language whatsoever?

Well, this is why our Lexiophiles writers have developed survival guides for several countries in order for you not to be totally lost and desperate on your next trip. In these survival guides, you will be able to find some basic vocabulary and some advice on how to behave socially to avoid a diplomatic crisis, as well as some useful information about the country you would like to visit. Indeed, if you go to China one day, you should be careful with how you call people or the way you toast at a dinner party. In addition, it is always useful to know how people greet each other in Colombia if you’re willing to go there, for instance.

These guides will give you a few tips on how to act more like a native and not to embarrass yourself by making a social faux pas. Furthermore, it is always nice to know how to say “hello” or “thank you” when visiting a foreign country. By reading these tips you should be able to fit in! So take a look at the following articles that will help you to survive in countries like Colombia, France, Poland, China, Brazil and the United States. Enjoy!

Survival Guide: Colombia

Survival Guide for attending a Chinese Banquet

Survival Guide for Poland

Making your way in Brasil: Survival Guide

Conversation topics in France: your survival guide

USA survival guide

China survival Guide

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