Top Foreign Languages Taught in Schools

You would expect English to be the top of the ‘foreign languages taught in schools’ list, wouldn’t you? After all, it is the ‘global language.’ But is that really the case? Well, here at Lexiophiles we have put our thinking caps on and thought about the top languages taught in our native countries.

Of course, English comes out tops most of the time, but what about the other languages taught? It China for instance, after English the most popular languages taught are Japanese and Korean. French is also a must for those Chinese businessmen wanting to do business with the French. We all know the French aren’t too keen on learning foreign languages! In Romania and Poland English is Popular, all too popular in Poland, but languages such as German and French are also favourites to learn. Of course, everybody wants to learn French, the language of love….Those native speakers of the language of love, the French, however, do not enjoy learning other languages. You may have a job learning German there, for example, as it is hardly taught at all. English is the order of the day in Russia, closely followed by other European languages such as French and Spanish, but Asian languages such as Chinese and Japanese have become fashionable in recent years. The influence of the British Empire is still felt in India as English is an official language, but in terms of foreign languages French and Spanish are the most popular ones taught.

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