Typical Mistakes

Language learning is definitely a tricky process. You may have studied a foreign language for many years but you just cannot get rid of those tiny mistakes that remind you (and all the others) that no, you still don’t sound (or write) like a native. Sadly for language learners, one tiny mistake can often change the entire meaning of your sentence.

Every language is different and presents its own amount of difficulties and traps. Also, according to what your mother tongue is these difficulties won’t be the same. Prepositions, articles, tenses, vocabulary, false friends… the list is long (too long). To sum it up, here at Lexiophiles we have written a few articles about the tricky mistakes we have to face when learning foreign languages. For instance, the Russians just pull their hair out when having to deal with articles in other languages (there are no articles in Russian!), the French just can’t pronounce the “th” or “h” sounds in English, and the German prepositions could give a headache to anyone brave enough to try to learn this language as one tiny preposition can change the whole meaning of a word!

So is it impossible not to make any mistakes when speaking a foreign language? Well, that sure sounds difficult since even the natives get fuzzy sometimes. Just take Italian or French as an example: the natives’ spoken language and writing is far from perfect! Of course it does not mean that you don’t need to be careful when it comes to the art of syntax, grammar, vocabulary and spelling -there’s no such thing as trying too hard.

If you want to know more about what the typical mistakes made by foreigners in different languages are, you can check these articles out. Our writers also extended the subject on the mistakes commonly made by natives so they are an interesting read!

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