Will you Marry me?

As Frank Sinatra once sang, ‘Love and Marriage go together like a Horse and Carriage.’ Well, not so any more it would seem. Marriage apparently is dead; an institution of a bygone Era and romance has died along with it. So many couples divorcing those lucky people that are ‘in love’ don’t see any sense in getting married at all. Well, what a sad state of affairs! Yes, the headlines and statistics are not exactly optimistic, but come on – we all love good knees up, don’t we? If, love really is all you need, then throw a nice big wedding party!

Ok, so real life might not be like it is in the movies (we’ve all seen the movies, haven’t we? Admired the amazing dresses, the blushing bride, the gorgeous groom) but hey, there’s no reason to be depressed. Here at Lexiophiles we have been hard at work coming up with weird and wonderful facts, stories and survival guides on marriage for all you Romeo and Juliets out there.

Who, for example, knew that mathematics was involved in the perfect marriage. Well, mathematicians have studied marriage and come up with some interesting figures which we have published in our article you find below. But never fear, if you are not at all good at maths you can find other ways to survive marriage by reading on. We also have facts about marriage in all different parts of the world, so what are you waiting for?!

The truth about Romeo and Juliet

Hug it out!

Mathematicians have perfect marriages

Marriage and other disasters

How to get married and survive

A Brazilian’s impression of the Germans

Love all over the world

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